Sooyoung Chung

Principal Investigator

Neural Circuits for Sensation and Perception

Ph.D. Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA.

MA & BA  Seoul National University, Korea


Contact: +82-2-958-6954 (phone)

              +82-2-958-6937 (fax)



               Korea Institute of Science and Technology L7-7303

               Seongbuk-gu Hawolgok-2-dong 39-1

               Seoul 136-791, Korea

The brain is the most complex organ known to exist in nature. The sheer number of neurons, the diversity of neuronal types, different transmitters used, and sub-cellular elements such as spines, synapses, ionic conductance & their location produce a daunting number of potential functional states for the brain to have, given that we assume random and exhaustive connections among neurons. In reality, however, the connections are not random. The brain is wired in a specific way that allows it to do what it does. The study of connections of the brain, therefore, is one of the crucial ways to understand the mechanisms of brain functions such as perception and cognition.

My research interests are to reveal such neuronal connections & circuits as a mechanism for sensation/perception. In the past I have studied connections from thalamus to the sensory cortices in vivo. Currently Im focusing on the study of intra-cortical circuits in vivo, using a combination of electrophysiological and imaging techniques. A part of my research interests covers a reality check of the known perceptual rules in awake behaving animals.



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