The PI arrived at KIST in June 2006, and is in the process of setting up the lab. By early 2007, the lab will be equipped with various imaging and electrophysiological instruments to study neural circuits for cognitive functions starting with sensation/perception. Currently, two-photon imging system, intra- & extra-cellular electrophysiological instruments, and associated appratus are in the process of purchase.


If you are interested in joining the lab as a graduate student or a postdoc, please contact the Lab PI directly.


KIST-CNS has a Neuroscience graduate program, associated with UST. We are currently recruiting students for 2007 Spring semester. The application forms are distributed and accepted by UST from 2006/10/23 to 10/27. Please see the ad in BRIC for detail.


If you are interested in our graduate program, we strongly urge you to contact the faculty member of your interest, at the same time you submit your application form to UST.

2007년 8월 현재, 실험실 구성원은 PI와 석박사 통합과정 대학원생 1명이고, MatLab 프로그래며를 모집 중입니다.

UST 석박사 통합과정으로, 이번 가을학기에 한명, 그리고 내년 봄학기에 한명 더 뽑을 예정입니다. 관심이 있으시면, 지원을 하시기 전에, PI에게 연락을 주시기 바랍니다.

지원하기 전에, 한달 또는 그 이상 실험실 생활을 해 볼 것을 강력히 권장합니다. (연구비 상황에 따라 실험실 생활에 대한 월급 유/무는 변동될 수 있음).